What is the Train Humane Campaign?

Train Humane Campaign:

There is only one way train a dog.  Humanely.

Our dog’s and puppies trust us with their lives and bodies.  For years we have been using training tools on dogs and puppies in ways that can and do cause them harm or pain. 

Although we have been taught and conditioned for decades that the only way to train a dog is through corrections around their neck, Trainhumane.org is challenging that old theory- we’re throwing it out the window actually. 

The truth is that dogs respond to energy more than to fear or pain.   And they respond to energy more than to words.  By using tools that help to place energy exactly where your dog can feel it without being choked, he or she will respond in a relaxed manner that will feel like a magical spell has been cast on them.  Trainhumane.org fully supports the use of harnesses in training and walking simply because it safer for the dog.

 Its not you who have been failing your dog, it’s the tools you were using.  They did not work for your dog but you were told that they would so you either kept on trying to use them or you gave up and allowed your dog to pull you around. 

Train Humane.org advocates tools that offer a better way to train more humanely, safely, with respect, ease, and a lot less stress.  No choke, no strain, no harsh corrections.

Train Humane’s Mission:

Our mission is to make the world more humane for dogs through the use of humane training tools and education.

Raise the bar on the tools we use to train all dogs and puppies to ensure that they are humane, safe, respectful and cause as little stress as possible without choking.

Train Humane’s Goal:

A harness on every puppy and dog for walking and training by 2014.

The Train Humane Campaign is getting a Paws Up from dogs around the world.  As we use more intelligent tools that are pain-free, truly work for the dog and human, providing clear consistent boundaries that the dog and the human both understand and adhere to, a more balanced and harmonious energy develops in the relationship. 
We believe that humane tools and training techniques will lead to fewer dogs being given up for adoption due behavioral issues.   

Stop the Pain and Train Humane